A Little Bag Bashing…

So what dosidecares your messenger/shoulder/camera bag says about you?



Crumpler: Williamsburg is the center of the universe and I have no problem paying $7 for a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Timbuk2: I’m too old for a Crumpler

Tenba: My other bag is a tote from the last PBS pledge drive and in this bag is my Blackberry, business cards, laptop, and a whole lot of messy unorganized paperwork

Lowepro: I will never go camping with this bag, but it looks good with the North Face gear I own, and to no coincidence, will never go camping with either

Billingham: My other bag carries my vintage golf clubs in the back seat of my restored 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider

Domke: How else am I to earn a Pulitzer?

f64: I’m old, my camera is old, my technique is old, and still think Ansel Adams was the messiah

Freitag: I think purchasing carbon credits and biodiesel are really good ways to exorcise my post-industrial bourgeois guilt

Tamrac: This was a real bargain – it came free with the deluxe camera kit and extended warranty I ordered online and saved a whopping $10 over the price at my local camera shop

National Geographic: My travel agent booked me on one of those lovely safari package holidays and as soon as I got back I sold every shred of that expensive photo gear I purchased for the trip except for this bag. Currently it wields nothing but an iPod and some magazines.

Chrome: I spent a lot of money to look like a homeless bike messenger. My NJS certified singlespeed has Phil Wood hubs and deep vee wheels, plus I have a tattoo of it on my leg

Jansport: Mommy bought this for me!

Manhattan Portage: Eeny-meeny-mine-moe, I picked the dullest bag, I know…

Kipling: My shoes are very important to me, that is why they spend half the day in this bag

Victorinox: I am an elitist douchebag who will buy anything European, just for the sake of it being European

Ortleib: Although I make my commute on a bicycle year round in all weather conditions, I really hate biking

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