Another Case of Packworthiness

With a special nod to the floundering economy, I’m going to present a sub-$10 Packworthy tool. It was seen in an earlier article about another Packworthy item: Eneloop batteries. There isn’t much to say about it, but for under $10, you shouldn’t expect that level of intricacy.


Today’s Packworthy post is about the Dot Line AA battery case. It is a simple silicone tray that holds 8 AA batteries set in a hard plastic case. It has a hinged lid that makes it rather resistant to dust and moisture, while the clear top facilitates battery identification. It is a better grade of plastic than most of the other prevalent battery cases that look more like those pill containers/schedulers some patients use.

I keep my rechargeable batteries in matched sets for increased performance and longevity. These inexpensive cases keep the cells organized, and they don’t’ slip or rattle while in transit. With these cases, I have eliminated my old system of using wide rubber-bands scavenged from Broccoli purchases. The two biggest problems I had with lashing my batteries together were:

  • The rubber band had to be tight in order to keep the cylindrical batteries together, that it hindered accessibility and dramatically slowed-down a battery swap
  • The battery contacts were exposed. So another set of batteries or any conductive materials that touched them could cause a drain or a short

Being branded Dot Line means that this is surely available on eBay and other outlets under a slew of different names and shipped directly from Hong Kong.  There is also a variation on this case that holds 4 AA cells and a memory card, but it is not nearly as Packworthy. I have heard of yet another case in this style that holds 8 AAA batteries. It is not distributed by Dot Line, but it is probably molded in the same Asian factory that produces the others. If anyone finds it, let me know.

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