Anyone want to buy an RB Graflex?

Series D RB Graflex Camera

"Pocket-sized" 4x5 RB Graflex

I relocated to Costa Rica with my 4×5 Series D RB Graflex. Despite its size, the RB merits packworthiness and has been on the road with me previously because it is none too traumatic to replace. Essentially they sell for a couple of hundred dollars on fee-bay, but they are seldom in the sort of condition to use long term. Most sit on shelves as they did with their many previous owners, in need of repairs, with hardly anyone left alive to properly fix them. I shoot and service mine for the most part-still not a master of all their mechanics, but I can patch up most boo-boos.

I thought I would be blessed with inspiration and atmosphere in which to produce a photography book in Costa Rica, but I am struggling to find my muse. So my RB sits on the aforementioned shelf, fighting off a weekly bout with fungus blooms on the outer leather as well as some of the inner wooden surfaces. This comes after being encased in a drybag with silica gel. I was wise enough to keep the lenses (yeah lenses plural – I found a source for custom RB Graflex lensboards) sealed tight in a Pelican case. Unfortunately the case is not large enough for the RB. I don’t want to bring the camera back home to spread its wealth to my other photographic toys, but I highly doubt anyone here in Costa Rica would possibly be interested in buying mine. If not sold here, I will have it on eBay in a matter of days of my return to civilization. So if you happen to buy a musty RB Graflex from me, it should be fine as long as you keep it in a sunny, dry, and warm environment. A week in a dank basement and you are looking at a wispy layer of fungal icing on your camera cake. On the other hand, what do you expect for $200?

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