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    A Little Bag Bashing…

    July 22nd, 2010

    So what dosidecares your messenger/shoulder/camera bag says about you?



    Crumpler: Williamsburg is the center of the universe and I have no problem paying $7 for a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Timbuk2: I’m too old for a Crumpler

    Tenba: My other bag is a tote from the last PBS pledge drive and in this bag is my Blackberry, business cards, laptop, and a whole lot of messy unorganized paperwork

    Lowepro: I will never go camping with this bag, but it looks good with the North Face gear I own, and to no coincidence, will never go camping with either

    Billingham: My other bag carries my vintage golf clubs in the back seat of my restored 1965 Alfa Romeo Spider

    Domke: How else am I to earn a Pulitzer?

    f64: I’m old, my camera is old, my technique is old, and still think Ansel Adams was the messiah

    Freitag: I think purchasing carbon credits and biodiesel are really good ways to exorcise my post-industrial bourgeois guilt

    Tamrac: This was a real bargain – it came free with the deluxe camera kit and extended warranty I ordered online and saved a whopping $10 over the price at my local camera shop

    National Geographic: My travel agent booked me on one of those lovely safari package holidays and as soon as I got back I sold every shred of that expensive photo gear I purchased for the trip except for this bag. Currently it wields nothing but an iPod and some magazines.

    Chrome: I spent a lot of money to look like a homeless bike messenger. My NJS certified singlespeed has Phil Wood hubs and deep vee wheels, plus I have a tattoo of it on my leg

    Jansport: Mommy bought this for me!

    Manhattan Portage: Eeny-meeny-mine-moe, I picked the dullest bag, I know…

    Kipling: My shoes are very important to me, that is why they spend half the day in this bag

    Victorinox: I am an elitist douchebag who will buy anything European, just for the sake of it being European

    Ortleib: Although I make my commute on a bicycle year round in all weather conditions, I really hate biking

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    You Point, Eyepoint

    July 14th, 2010

    Creative Commons License photo credit: Philgarlic

    I briefly mentioned finders in my last rant. This has led me to my latest gripe – whatever happened to high-eyepoint viewfinders? Leica and Nikon finders pleasured a whole generation of sweaty, overweight, myopic photographers. You would think with the prevalence of these dim and tiny viewfinders attached to APS-C cameras, someone at Nikon would have though to pull an old F3 HP off the shelf and cram the finder onto a D300s.

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    A Love Letter to Nikon & Pentax

    July 8th, 2010

    love letterDear Pentax and Nikon,

    I applaud both of you for sticking with the lens mount system that has been carried through the transitions from manual focusing, to auto focusing; and from film to digital. Allowing photographers to mix older lenses with new ones in their optical libraries gives both of your systems an unparalleled advantage when it comes to the palette of lenses afforded to a shooter.

    On the other hand, I am constantly fighting the urge to spit in your face the way you have spit in the face of every customer using a manual focus lens with an APS-C or full-frame digital SLR by not providing them with the option to use a split-image rangefinder or microprism focusing screen. Do you know how hard it is to accurately focus a Nikkor 50/1.2 AIs lens with a D300s? One has to have to bracket focus while squinting through the low magnification finder! And that focus confirmation dot is useless for any precision. Sure Katz Eye and some Asian junk peddlers offer some “void-‘yer-warranty” screens, but it is not the same. What is more aggravating is that it isn’t like Pentax or Nikon have never designed or don’t have the ability to manufacture these types of focusing screens. They have previously been present in their wares for decades.

    Some of the current SLRs have interchangeable screens – as long as you like grid lines in addition to the standard matte. It is like offering unsweetened vanilla ice cream in addition to basic ice milk – there is a whole world of flavor out there Nikon and Pentax are missing out on. Many older lenses were better built and are better optical performers than their current counterparts. The Nikon 28mm/2.8 is a prime example of that, where the durable AIs version has eight elements in opposition to the plasticy D-type with six. What is the point of getting excited about the latest and greatest digital camera released if you can’t use it to its fullest extent?

    Take a lesson from Leica – notice they didn’t replace the rangefinder of the M9 with a digital focus scale. They could have, but clearly they respected their core user group unlike you headache-inducing bastards.

    Tersely yours,

    Angry Photographer

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    What is in a name? NOTHING!

    September 30th, 2009

    Why am I the only one who seems to be irritated by the naming and marketing of some nebulous and generally intangible “processing engine” by the big digital camera manufacturers. What in the name of all that is holy is EXPEED, Bionz, Exmor, Digic, TruePic, or PRIME aside from a slew of camel cased, conglomeration of marketing double-speak and unpronounceable terms and acronyms? Why do these marketing concepts appear in specification fields? This idiocy should not be tolerated in any way by the customer trying to purchase an item that for 90% of the public is the unnecessary, job-unrelated acquisition of a camera. What alarms me a great deal is the fact that this fluff has the ability of spawn. Digic’s genealogy spews back four generations and I’ll be dammed to tell the difference between the first and the last… I’m just hoping that this nonsensical nomenclature does not jump genres. I don’t require a microwave with Nuk’r IV technology, a sneaker with Shoelace 2.0, nor a pencil with the GraFite Processing Engine. If there is a term or number attached to a product’s description, it had better be a quantifiable, standardized and comparable specification, otherwise get it out of my face.

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    September 14th, 2009


    At times I have taken a bit of a snippy, snarky, or snide tone to some of the subjects I have discussed on this site. These remarks are actually toned down from the raging vehement diatribe that flows from my id-driven core. Well, Freud could have a field day with what I am about to do, and that is to give that bitter voice a platform under the guise of another author for this site. Meet Angry Photographer – then immediately proceed to hide your children, adorn a helmet, and fasten your seatbelt.

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