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Oh no, not another Fujifilm digital disaster!

Fuji Fujifilm x100 camera

Looks like the web is all a-flutter about a prototype from Fujifilm being shown at this year’s photokina.* The X100 has been called everything from a Sigma-killer, or a a Leica-lite, to a challenger to the Micro-Four-Thirds format. All of … Continue reading

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Found ‘Round the Web… David Alan Harvey

Besides sharing my first and middle name, Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey is seemingly as camera bag-obsessed as I am. His collection exceeds my own, but I’m catching up! Bag World from Stephen Alvarez on Vimeo.

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WordPress Wankers…

Once again, hackers take to attacking Wordpress sites, like this one. Some try to create admin accounts, some just create blog spam. Either way, these are the accounts and email addresses you need to look out for. Continue reading

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Warning to WordPressers


This is a warning to my fellow Wordpress users… over the past few days there have been some hackers taking over our sites via accounts setup for new users. The attacks seem to be centered in Europe, Germany primarily, by registering users with Gmail accounts. Continue reading

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As I have hinted before, I have something big up my sleeve for this site and in the meantime, it is rapidly taking shape in the background. This site will have some pretty interesting exclusives and become a great resource for adventurous imagemakers. So be patient – it will be worth it. Continue reading

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Fight or Flight (site update)

Folks, I´m headed out of town for a couple of weeks for a much needed holiday.

I have packed with me many of the tools and gimmicks that should make it possible for me to live out of a carry-on bag for two weeks. Continue reading

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A Very Packworthy Episode of…

I have juggled several SLR camera systems over the past 25 years -chronologically: Minolta, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, back to Canon and now Fujifilm. I have never had any substantial regrets after jumping from one religion to the next – with one exception. There is one very simple and inexpensive device that I have a great affinity for; one that is inexplicably only available for one brand and type of camera. There are second-rate and incompetent copies out there, but yet another design flaw seems to prevent the most of the photographic world from using one. More after the jump… Continue reading

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Found ‘Round the Web


Does Moose Peterson need some help carrying his gear??? Continue reading

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