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Has Epson Perfected Time Travel?


Announced today is the Epson R-D1x; the third incarnation of a camera only slightly upgraded from the original digital rangefinder released in 2004. Built by Cosina, the company behind the Voigtlander rangefinders, this latest revision has to be a bit of an embarrassment for Epson. Continue reading

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Unofficial Micro Four-Thirds Preview


Right now, I am starting work an article for my other (paid) content publishing venue on using Leica M lenses on the new Micro Four-Thirds (MFT) camera. This article is a total gamble as I am hoping at least one of the two rumored Olympus MFT cameras is revealed at the upcoming PMA show in Las Vegas, thusly justifying the article. We have all seen and been titillated by the carrot-colored Werra-inspired Olympus prototype shown at last-year’s Photokina trade show. Continue reading

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Opening day


This is the grand opening of, the website for traveling photographers. I have a long rant-like mission statement that should clarify what direction this website will be heading. Continue reading

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