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A Very Packworthy Episode of…

I have juggled several SLR camera systems over the past 25 years -chronologically: Minolta, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, back to Canon and now Fujifilm. I have never had any substantial regrets after jumping from one religion to the next – with one exception. There is one very simple and inexpensive device that I have a great affinity for; one that is inexplicably only available for one brand and type of camera. There are second-rate and incompetent copies out there, but yet another design flaw seems to prevent the most of the photographic world from using one. More after the jump… Continue reading

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First Official Packcamera Packworthy Product


I figure I should live up to the words of my manifesto and introduction and share a truly Packworthy item. Eventually, I’ll develop a scale or find some nifty Wordpress plug-in that will facilitate rating them. In the meantime, I’ll say that the item in question ranks way up there on the chart and I have been using them on a regular basis for two years where they have held up admirably. Full details after the jump. Continue reading

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Found ‘Round the Web


Does Moose Peterson need some help carrying his gear??? Continue reading

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The One Blatant Fail Point of All Camera-Specific Backpacks


For most photographers and filmmakers packing for more than one day in the wilderness, the heaviest gear is generally their photo or video tools. Examining photo packs, some have a full compartment for photo gear have no capacity for food, water, shelter, or other backcountry necessities. Other “multi-use” packs with divided designs always seem to have the camera compartment on the bottom half, leaving the top half for “casual” items.This is incorrect weight distribution and should not exist. Continue reading

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The Micro Four Thirds Game Heats Up…


The 2009 PMA expo has been rather ho-hum. The big three of the camera industry Canon, Nikon and Sony (yes, Sony) seem to be saving up any new gear introductions for a better economy or Q3 2009, whichever comes first. Thankfully we have a growing range of EVIL cameras to keep us occupied until then. Continue reading

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Shooting in the Cold – The Villains Hampering Winter Photography


Maintaining and operating photographic equipment in sub-freezing temperatures has become increasingly complex as the cameras used have become more technologically advanced. Inside we will go through a number of techniques to help protect your gear and to keep it functioning in the cold. Continue reading

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Found ‘Round the Web


The cheapest waterproof/water resistant case for your point and shoot camera Continue reading

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