Has Epson Perfected Time Travel?


Announced today is the Epson R-D1x; the third incarnation of a camera only slightly upgraded from the original digital rangefinder released in 2004. Built by Cosina, the company behind the Voigtlander rangefinders, this latest revision has to be a bit of an embarrassment for Epson.

The R-D1x should mirror the Voigtlanders and essentially be the poor-man’s Leica. Instead the R-D1x is using a painfully outdated 6 megapixel sensor and priced only slightly less than a used M8. Frankly, there is no valid reason that this camera should be priced at the same $3000 mark today as it was then. Conceptually, I would classify this camera like all other rangefinders as being inherently Packworthy. With compact-sized lenses and smaller bodies due to the lack of a prism and mirror box, this is a great travel-sized professional tool, assuming you are shooting through a time portal that transports you back 5 years.

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