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Hey-hey kids – this is the grand opening of, the website for traveling photographers. I have a long rant-like mission statement that should clarify what direction this website will be heading. For those seeking the condensed version, this website isn’t about where you or I have traveled or how many times we pack up and go, but rather how we do it. Whether you pack for backcountry expeditions, or jet-setting across the continent, there is an art to packing the tools of your trade alongside your essentials (although some might say cameras count as both).

This site strives to collect and trade information to make readers better and wiser travelers, and possibly better image-makers. There is plenty of room here to laugh, bash, fuss, whine and brag. The emphasis here is to share not show off. Less attention to what something is on paper and more of what it can do in the field. Hands-on as opposed to clicked-on.

I’m not a megalomanic who names his website after himself (I’m looking at you Rockwell…) I’m looking to create a dialogue, not establish a long-winded monologue. This will entail a lot of contributions from friends, colleagues and readers to create a melange of voices and topics.

Over the upcoming days I’ll make a few posts to get the ball rolling and then I hope to hear from some of you with content suggestions or contributions. Together we can make this a pretty happening website.

To recycle a phrase leftover from my years working on cruise ships – welcome aboard.

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