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I’m still here


Sadly, recovering from a string of injuries and their inevitable complications has shifted my agenda a great deal. As such, this website as well as my Green Photo Tours endeavors have been all but abandoned before they really got going. Continue reading

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Digital Nikonos?


Returning to the sport of sea kayaking after several years hiatus, I realized I’m missing something that was previously available to me when I began paddling. A compact waterproof camera with interchangeable lenses. Continue reading

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The One Blatant Fail Point of All Camera-Specific Backpacks


For most photographers and filmmakers packing for more than one day in the wilderness, the heaviest gear is generally their photo or video tools. Examining photo packs, some have a full compartment for photo gear have no capacity for food, water, shelter, or other backcountry necessities. Other “multi-use” packs with divided designs always seem to have the camera compartment on the bottom half, leaving the top half for “casual” items.This is incorrect weight distribution and should not exist. Continue reading

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