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Anyone want to buy an RB Graflex?

Series D RB Graflex Camera

I relocated to Costa Rica with my 4×5 Series D RB Graflex. I thought I would be blessed with inspiration and atmosphere in which to produce a photography book, but I am still struggling to find my muse. Continue reading

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You Point, Eyepoint


I briefly mentioned finders in my last rant. This has led me to my latest gripe – whatever happened to high-eyepoint viewfinders? Leica and Nikon finders pleasured a whole generation of sweaty, overweight, myopic photographers. Continue reading

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I’m still here


Sadly, recovering from a string of injuries and their inevitable complications has shifted my agenda a great deal. As such, this website as well as my Green Photo Tours endeavors have been all but abandoned before they really got going. Continue reading

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Back in the Pack

Project Green Jungle along with the Bribri

Clearly I have been severely neglecting this website. The “Asides” note below is the sole reason beside my lack of traveling due to surgery repairing a knee injury (torn ACL, torn meniscus, fractured patella). In my downtime I have been … Continue reading

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An Off-Topic Rant (first of many to come)


I was born into an analog world. Fortunately the peak of my photographic career overlapped with the advent of digital, so I have been gifted with a strong foundation in both worlds. So much so, that my personal workflow generally mixes the use of film and a computer for even the simplest of projects. I am very much of the mindset that there is a right tool for every job and it is my imperative to understand not only which is which, but how to utilize that tool as well. That being understood may lay a foundation for the rant to follow. Continue reading

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The Pocket Leica has Arrived… or has it?

Seperated at birth...

Well, it looks like the wait is over. We have gone from the prototyped retro-istic Eastern European rock star, with lush color and loads of metal, to this lowly ‘plastique’ abomination that looks like an early Sony CyberShot. I pray to the gods of megapixels that Olympus make the E-P1 in black to hide its shame… Continue reading

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Back from the Dead… and on a Mission

I am back at my desk… so here is the update.

Upon my return from Costa Rica last week, I discovered that my web hosting service was under a DDOS attack, so all web services like email and this site’s management were affected by the situation. All the more reason for me to extend my vacation mindset – I’m still on ‘Tico time.’

I really shouldn’t neglect my site. After all, the discipline to post regularly is a key factor in what makes a website successful. SEO and Google-payola help, but if you don’t post, you lose your audience, so it doesn’t matter how many people click-through.

So I will make the first step and outline the first project of this site and first piece that inherently exemplifies the core purpose of this site. I will be intimately dissecting the single carry-on backpack I carried with me through Costa Rica with a full complement of backcountry camping gear, and a digital SLR with three lenses – one of them being a 300mm f2.8. I am tentatively calling it a lesson in “Pack-natomy.” Be forewarned, this will be far too complex and thorough an article, but it should give a well-illustrated starting point for conceiving your own long-term “one-bagger.” Continue reading

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Fight or Flight (site update)

Folks, I´m headed out of town for a couple of weeks for a much needed holiday.

I have packed with me many of the tools and gimmicks that should make it possible for me to live out of a carry-on bag for two weeks. Continue reading

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