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Anyone want to buy an RB Graflex?

Series D RB Graflex Camera

I relocated to Costa Rica with my 4×5 Series D RB Graflex. I thought I would be blessed with inspiration and atmosphere in which to produce a photography book, but I am still struggling to find my muse. Continue reading

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I’m still here


Sadly, recovering from a string of injuries and their inevitable complications has shifted my agenda a great deal. As such, this website as well as my Green Photo Tours endeavors have been all but abandoned before they really got going. Continue reading

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Back from the Dead… and on a Mission

I am back at my desk… so here is the update.

Upon my return from Costa Rica last week, I discovered that my web hosting service was under a DDOS attack, so all web services like email and this site’s management were affected by the situation. All the more reason for me to extend my vacation mindset – I’m still on ‘Tico time.’

I really shouldn’t neglect my site. After all, the discipline to post regularly is a key factor in what makes a website successful. SEO and Google-payola help, but if you don’t post, you lose your audience, so it doesn’t matter how many people click-through.

So I will make the first step and outline the first project of this site and first piece that inherently exemplifies the core purpose of this site. I will be intimately dissecting the single carry-on backpack I carried with me through Costa Rica with a full complement of backcountry camping gear, and a digital SLR with three lenses – one of them being a 300mm f2.8. I am tentatively calling it a lesson in “Pack-natomy.” Be forewarned, this will be far too complex and thorough an article, but it should give a well-illustrated starting point for conceiving your own long-term “one-bagger.” Continue reading

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Fight or Flight (site update)

Folks, I´m headed out of town for a couple of weeks for a much needed holiday.

I have packed with me many of the tools and gimmicks that should make it possible for me to live out of a carry-on bag for two weeks. Continue reading

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First Official Packcamera Packworthy Product


I figure I should live up to the words of my manifesto and introduction and share a truly Packworthy item. Eventually, I’ll develop a scale or find some nifty Wordpress plug-in that will facilitate rating them. In the meantime, I’ll say that the item in question ranks way up there on the chart and I have been using them on a regular basis for two years where they have held up admirably. Full details after the jump. Continue reading

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Found ‘Round the Web


The cheapest waterproof/water resistant case for your point and shoot camera Continue reading

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Has Epson Perfected Time Travel?


Announced today is the Epson R-D1x; the third incarnation of a camera only slightly upgraded from the original digital rangefinder released in 2004. Built by Cosina, the company behind the Voigtlander rangefinders, this latest revision has to be a bit of an embarrassment for Epson. Continue reading

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Unofficial Micro Four-Thirds Preview


Right now, I am starting work an article for my other (paid) content publishing venue on using Leica M lenses on the new Micro Four-Thirds (MFT) camera. This article is a total gamble as I am hoping at least one of the two rumored Olympus MFT cameras is revealed at the upcoming PMA show in Las Vegas, thusly justifying the article. We have all seen and been titillated by the carrot-colored Werra-inspired Olympus prototype shown at last-year’s Photokina trade show. Continue reading

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