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I’m still here


Sadly, recovering from a string of injuries and their inevitable complications has shifted my agenda a great deal. As such, this website as well as my Green Photo Tours endeavors have been all but abandoned before they really got going. Continue reading

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Back in the Pack

Project Green Jungle along with the Bribri

Clearly I have been severely neglecting this website. The “Asides” note below is the sole reason beside my lack of traveling due to surgery repairing a knee injury (torn ACL, torn meniscus, fractured patella). In my downtime I have been … Continue reading

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Well, Freud could have a field day with what I am about to do, and that is to give that bitter voice a platform under the guise of another author for this site. Meet Angry Photographer – then immediately proceed to hide your children, adorn a helmet, and fasten your seatbelt. Continue reading

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An Off-Topic Rant (first of many to come)


I was born into an analog world. Fortunately the peak of my photographic career overlapped with the advent of digital, so I have been gifted with a strong foundation in both worlds. So much so, that my personal workflow generally mixes the use of film and a computer for even the simplest of projects. I am very much of the mindset that there is a right tool for every job and it is my imperative to understand not only which is which, but how to utilize that tool as well. That being understood may lay a foundation for the rant to follow. Continue reading

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Warning to WordPressers


This is a warning to my fellow Wordpress users… over the past few days there have been some hackers taking over our sites via accounts setup for new users. The attacks seem to be centered in Europe, Germany primarily, by registering users with Gmail accounts. Continue reading

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As I have hinted before, I have something big up my sleeve for this site and in the meantime, it is rapidly taking shape in the background. This site will have some pretty interesting exclusives and become a great resource for adventurous imagemakers. So be patient – it will be worth it. Continue reading

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