The Pocket Leica has Arrived… or has it?

Seperated at birth...

Well, it looks like the wait is over.






We have gone from this retro-istic Eastern European rock star, with lush color and loads of metal, to this lowly ‘plastique’ abomination that looks like an early Sony CyberShot. I pray to the gods of megapixels that Olympus make the E-P1 in black to hide its shame…


On the other hand, peering into the overhead image, the grip looks intriguing, but the command dial seems unnecessary. This will not be the pocket-Leica I envisioned. Its prototype looked much more promisingly able to fill that role.

Staying on the topside image, the deck has too many buttons and they will surely be too tiny for fat fingers to nimbly operate. The edges of the buttons and the body alike are too rounded and Fisher-Price-y to compete in the style category. And what is going on with that blue ring?


So Olympus didn’t make a Leica CL for the digital age, they made an Olympus Pen F, as I think they sought out to do in the first place. It disappoints me to not be the Pocket Leica I had hoped for, but I’ll get over it, and hopefully get my hands one and a Leica adapter soon.

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